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Dr. Camille Clinton is board certified in orthopedic surgery and specializes in arthroscopic and reconstructive surgery of the knee and shoulder, knee replacement and sports medicine. Dr. Clinton is dedicated to providing the highest quality of care to patients throughout the Kirkland and Seattle area.

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From sports-related injuries to worn-out joints, Dr. Clinton is committed to helping you get back to a healthy, active lifestyle.

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What Our Patients Are Saying

5 Stars

Dec 17, 2021

I am happy to have had Dr. Clinton for my bilateral knee replacement surgeries. She made the process as easy as it could be and her professionalism and work ethic gave me a boost of confidence in my recovery. I will forever be grateful to her for this new lease on life.
5 Stars

Nov 18, 2021

Dr. Clinton presented all my options ~ for my painful knee ~ left leg shut down, and presented all my options, and waited patiently for me to absorb her findings, and let me slow-think my situation through. I made my decision and chose two immediate choices, of which she concurred, and we proceeded post haste and I am SOOO, happy about the results. Dr. Clinton, I applaud you. Oh! The operating theatre was NASA grade. Thank you so much.
5 Stars

Jun 1, 2021

Dr. Clinton is truly one of the most outstanding providers I've ever had. I followed her from her other practice. EvergreenHealth has a "top doc," an outstanding provider.
5 Stars

Feb 18, 2021

When faced with the news that I needed a total knee replacement, I chose Dr. Camille Clinton. After meeting Dr. Clinton, and having the surgery clearly explained, I felt very comfortable having her proceed. Dr. Clinton shows that she cares about you as a patient and wants to see you through recovery. She follows up after the surgery, checking on your recovery, and wants to know that you are doing well post surgery. I have shared Dr. Clinton's name with numerous friends and family members for orthopedic care.
5 Stars

Feb 16, 2021

I had a very complicated surgery after I broke three bones in my ankle, and I could not be more lucky that my surgeon was dr. Clinton. I am thankful, grateful to her, and now can run again! Not only she is an outstanding surgeon, she is a very decent person, in every way. She helped me with medications and priceless advices. I hope I will never need a surgery, but if I do, there will be no other better doctor that I would trust my health to.
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