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Dr. Camille Clinton is board certified in orthopedic surgery and specializes in arthroscopic and reconstructive surgery of the knee and shoulder, knee replacement and sports medicine.

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From sports-related injuries to worn-out joints, Dr. Clinton is committed to helping you get back to a healthy, active lifestyle.

What Our Patients Are Saying

5 Stars

Nov 30, 2020

I went to dr. Clinton with a shoulder that is not functioning... I wasted so much $$ and days with other doctors doing injections, imaging, steroids, and PT.... and all doctors claimed there was nothing wrong with my shoulder (even though I couldn’t move it out of pain). It took Dr. Clinton 1 visit, 1 shot to diagnose and put a treatment plan. I did my shoulder surgery and in few weeks my mobility was 100% back. It’s been over 3 years.... and everyday I am thankful for her.
5 Stars

Mar 24, 2020

“After having consulted with four other doctors regarding my knee replacement surgery, I chose Dr. Clinton to do my surgery. My knee was complex as it was not only bone on bone, but also at a peculiar angle out to the side. I had the surgery over two weeks ago and am experiencing an excellent recovery. My knee is now straight and I have had a minimum amount of pain and discomfort as I go through physical therapy and getting used to my new knee. Dr. Clinton really listens to you! ”
5 Stars

Mar 24, 2020

“Dr.Camille Clinton is the BEST! She is kind, compassionate,  and incredibly SKILLED! I was in for knee replacement surgery on 2/15/18. By the 30th. I was walking without ,( almost entirely without my walker!! ) .She is SIMPLY  the BEST ; her staff is unbelievably professional!!! If you want the BEST, find The BEST!!! DR. CAMILLE CLINTON MD. Pro Ortho, Kirkland  Wa. She is the BEST!! Dr. Clinton gave me a new lease on life!!! ”
5 Stars

Mar 24, 2020

“Dr. Camille Clinton is a wonderful surgeon. She has replaced both my failing knee joints, and I cannot believe how much better I function. She has always answered all my questions, so I was never in the dark about any procedure. She will be the doctor I return to if another joint fails.  I highly recommend Dr. Clinton if you need a better level of life than you currently have due to failing knee joints. ”
5 Stars

Mar 24, 2020

“I am super grateful to have had Dr. Clinton as my orthopedic surgeon. I had broken my fibula, and was anxious about what my recovery would look like. Dr. Clinton is extremely thorough, detail oriented, and totally explained all of my options- she really gave me a deep understanding of my injury and what it needed to heal properly. I've never had surgery before, but I felt really secure knowing she would be my surgeon. She addressed all of my concerns before and after the surgery with patience and kindness (I ask a ton of questions) and followed up with me post op to make sure I was healing well. Her nurse, Crystal, is also extremely kind and knowledgeable and was always available to help me when I would call in with questions. I began walking just 4 weeks after surgery and I'm feeling great! I could probably write an infinitely longer review, but I will end by saying that Dr. Clinton is a blessing, and brings real care and skill to her field. :] ”
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