Author: Camille Clinton, MD

Types of Knee Arthritis and How to Treat Them

As we get older, many of our joints don’t move as easily as they did in the past, especially our knees. Getting on the floor to play with children or our dog can be a time consuming effort. They become bored before we hit the floor and get semi-comfortable. Other pleasurable activities like gardening or even getting into a beach chair can be a chore. Let’s discover the most common types of knee arthritis and how to treat them.

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Popping Noise In The Shoulder: Should I Be Worried?

As we get older we may hear all kinds of clicking or popping sounds coming from our body when we get up from a sitting position or just move around. Sometimes those sounds are accompanied by pain and other times they are not. Even if there is no pain, if a popping sound comes from the shoulder, it’s a good idea to get it checked out.

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8 Signs of Patella Instability

The patella is the bone that covers the kneecap and protects it. Its job is to help the front thigh muscle complete your ability to straighten your leg. The patella fits into a groove and moves up and down as the knee bends or straightens. When it slips out of that groove, you have patella instability. How do you know? Here we will describe 8 signs of patella instability.

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Dr. Clinton Named Seattle Met Top Doc 2022

Dr. Camille Clinton has been named Seattle Met Top Doc 2022.

Every year Seattle Met partners with Professional Research Services survey company to poll health care practitioners licensed by the Washington State Department of Health in King, Snohomish, Kitsap, and Pierce counties on who they agree are the top doctors in the Seattle area. This is Dr. Clinton’s eighth consecutive year receiving this recognition.

Seattle Met Top Doc 2022

Help us to congratulate Dr. Clinton on being named Top Doc 2022!

Camille Clinton, MD.

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What Is Causing My Kneecap Pain?

Is your knee starting to do strange things? Does it make cracking noises when you get up after sitting for a while? Are you having new pains when climbing stairs? Perhaps you have a dull ache in the front of your knee even if you aren’t doing anything. All these symptoms could be new to you, and you want to know: what is causing my kneecap pain?

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Shoulder Injury Prevention For Baseball Players

Affectionately known as America’s pastime, baseball is a relaxing sport for spectators who eat peanuts and Cracker Jacks. The athletes who are playing the sport are not so relaxed. In fact, many find themselves with serious injuries including those of the shoulder. Whether you play high school, college, minor league or professional baseball, be aware of shoulder injury prevention for baseball players.

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How To Properly Warm Up Your Shoulders To Prevent Injury


We all understand the importance of a warm up before doing any type of exercise. Nevertheless, many of us forget all about our shoulders, a complicated and easy to injure joint. Once you have injured a shoulder, you are likely to sustain another in the future. Keep reading for tips on how to properly warm up your shoulders to prevent injury.

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