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Popping Noise In The Shoulder: Should I Be Worried?

As we get older we may hear all kinds of clicking or popping sounds coming from our body when we get up from a sitting position or just move around. Sometimes those sounds are accompanied by pain and other times they are not. Even if there is no pain, if a popping sound comes from the shoulder, it’s a good idea to get it checked out.

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How To Properly Warm Up Your Shoulders To Prevent Injury


We all understand the importance of a warm up before doing any type of exercise. Nevertheless, many of us forget all about our shoulders, a complicated and easy to injure joint. Once you have injured a shoulder, you are likely to sustain another in the future. Keep reading for tips on how to properly warm up your shoulders to prevent injury.

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How To Prevent Rotator Cuff Injuries

It’s hard to do almost anything without moving your shoulder. Getting in and out of a car, washing your hair, or picking up a child all affect your shoulder muscles and tendons. The rotator cuff is a group of four tendons and shoulder muscles that hold the upper arm in the shoulder socket. An injury, overuse, or improper shoulder mechanics can all lead to a rotator cuff injury. Let’s review how to prevent rotator cuff injuries.

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10 Causes Of Pain Under Shoulder Blades

Our shoulder blade is a triangular shaped bone in our upper back and its purpose is to help support pivotal movements of our shoulder. It’s possible to experience pain near or under your shoulder blade that is quite severe or an ache that arrives in waves. The cause and the diagnosis can be determined on the kind of pain, its frequency, and if the pain occurs with movement. Here we will look at 10 causes of pain under the shoulder blade.

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5 Causes Of Shoulder Pain & When To See A Specialist

Try to simply walk, get up from a chair, hug a friend, garden, wrap a gift, work on your computer, or get into bed, and not move your shoulder. It is difficult, if not impossible, to do. The shoulder is one of our most complex joints and when it hurts, almost everything we attempt to do hurts as well. Let’s delve into 5 causes of shoulder pain & when to see a specialist.

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Shoulder Pain Causes & When To Be Concerned

If you have ever had shoulder pain, whether mild or severe, you know every time you move, it hurts. This is mostly due to the extensive range of motion and how complicated the shoulder joint is. If you are experiencing shoulder pain right now, let’s look at shoulder pain causes & when to be concerned.

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