Pec Tendon Tear Diagnosis and Treatment in Kirkland, WA

As a fellowship-trained, board-certified orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Camille Clinton delivers state-of-the-art treatment to patients throughout the Seattle area experiencing pec tendon tears.  Dr. Clinton is dedicated to providing patient-centered care and takes the time to discuss all treatment options in an effort to preserve and improve patient lifestyles.

As a former athlete herself, Dr. Clinton understands the desire to return to the sports and activities you love and utilizes an individualized approach to ensure optimal care and results.  Call (425) 899-4810 to schedule an appointment at our orthopedic surgery office in Kirkland, WA today!

What Can Cause a Pec Tendon Tear?

Pec tendon tears are relatively uncommon and occur mostly in males. They occur most frequently with bench pressing, but can also occur during sports such as skiing, football and rugby.

Pec Tendon Tear Symptoms

There is usually pain and bruising on the anterior chest and often there is a difference in the muscle contour of the anterior chest. Tears can be partial or complete.

Pectoralis Major Anatomy

Pec Tendon Tear Treatment

Complete pec tears are usually treated with surgery. A small incision is made and the tendon end is repaired back to the bone. A sling is then worn while the tendon heals and rehabilitation is started. It takes 4-6 months for healing.


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Dr. Camille Clinton is a fellowship-trained board-certified orthopedic surgeon that specializes in sports medicine.  As a former athlete, she knows how important it is to ensure a safe and timely return to play. Call (425) 899-4810 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Clinton today!

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